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Spring Fling

Welcome to our 4th annual Cotrone Pilates Spring Fling!!

Come and join in on the Pilates Fun! Spend 2 days in sunny West Hollywood engaging with other Pilates teachers and practitioners to share and learn from some of the best instructors our Pilates community has to offer. With the purchase 1 or 2 days you are invited to join us to mix and mingle and nibble on some cheese and sip some wine in celebration of Joe! Saturday May 4th from 7 to 9pm, hope to see you there!!

Day 1 (May 4th)

8-9 Cathy Barker Strack Presents:

1942 Pilates Mat work

Experience the mat exercises as they were taught in 1942. Cathy will use notes from a dancer who took Pilates classes at Jacob's Pillow in 1942. We will turn back the clock and enjoy the selection of mat exercise Joe Pilates taught to the students each morning before they started their dance routines.

9:15- 12:15 Dana Santi Presents:

Front, Side and Back Body

As it is ideal to use all four sides of your body at once, sometimes understanding the focus of one versus the other during specific exercises can be helpful in our own practice and our teaching.

12:15-12:45 Lunch

1-3  Frank Zito Presents:

Upper Body Workshop

The founder of The Men of Pilates Facebook page will present a neoclassical upper body workshop. Included will be presentations on arm springs, trapeze, push up device, and more. Every Pilates practitioner should be able to push and pull their body. Frank will give you the tools to achieve it for yourself and your clients. 

3-5 Susannah Cotrone Presents:

Arm Chair Workout for the Whole Body

The Arm Chair offers us multiple exercises creating a workout for the whole body. Let’s explore the repertoire and then recreate those moves using the wall, weights and Cadillac.

5-6:30 Cathy Barker Strack Presents:

An Afternoon with Joe

Get to know the man behind the method. Separate fact from fiction. Learn about the people and events that shaped Joseph Pilates’ life from Germany to America. Cathy Strack presents stories, as they were told to her, from former clients and friends of Joe. Learn what he was like as a friend, a teacher, and a businessman. View unpublished photographs of Joe and some of his clients.

7-9 Wine and cheese in celebration of Joe!!

Day 2 (May 5th)

8-9 Jenn Powell Presents:

Power Pilates Mat Class

Join Jenn for a Powerful mat class dedicated to her late mentor and the creator of the Power Pilates training program Bob Leikens.

9:15 - 11:45 Moses Urbano Presents:

An Ending or A Start?  

Using the Raised Mat, Magic Circles and Barrels let explore how taking the existing work can be played with to create new dynamics and positions in the body and in our teaching.

11:45 - 12:15 Lunch

12:30 - 2:30 Carrie Russo Presents:

What is the Goal?

Discover how knowing what the goal of an exercise is informs both your execution and your teaching.

2:45-4:45  Jordan Beinhorn Presents:

Teaching with Intuition

“Joe knew what you did the night before just by looking at you when you walked in the door.” This workshop addresses how to most efficiently as teachers, show up in the teaching space for our clients; how to “read” clients intuitively and to apply the Classical Method to create a balanced learning experience that challenges their body, mind and spirit.

Day is done!

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