Benjamin Degenhardt @ Cotrone Pilates July 16th!!


Join us at Cotrone Pilates this July to go in depth with Benjamin Degenhardt, one of the greatest teachers teaching today.  

Workshop #1

The History of Contrology

Saturday 16th

Saturday 1:00 - 2:30

Cost: 75$

Class description:

This session is a workshop/discussion during which participants get to dive deeply into the history of Contrology and Joe Pilates, and extract the original intentions behind the work. The origins of the Pilates tradition serve as an inspiration to begin a conversation about running successful businesses and reposition Pilates within the current fitness and wellness landscape today.

Workshop #2

Pilates Made Simple: The Mat

Saturday 16th

3:00 - 6:00

Cost: 120$

Class description:

A Pilates practice always begins on the Mat—and it ultimately leads back to the Mat. This workshop introduces participants to the logic of the original sequence, explores Joe Pilates’ exercises in great detail, and highlights the concepts that help teachers utilize these exercises for maximum success with their students—in private sessions and group classes alike. Duration: 3 hours with instructor Benjamin Degenhardt PMA Continuing Education Credits: 5

Benjamin Degenhardt has been involved in the world of movement and Pilates education for over 15 years, and has presented his work at numerous conferences and training facilities around the world. A teacher of teachers, Benjamin is the creator of innovative programs that combine his extensive experience in Pilates and fitness and his background as a professional dancer and dance teacher with his accomplishments as an educator in the movement field. Most notably, Benjamin has developed 360° Pilates, a curriculum dedicated to bringing to life the work of physical culture pioneer Joseph Pilates....

Stretch Class


Lead by

Arpine Azlvyan


Join Arpi Azlvyan to improve your flexibility!

Ms. Azlvyan danced with the Armenian National Theatre of Ballet and Opera for 10 years and graduated from the School of Choreography in Armenia. She has over 15 years of experience as a ballet dancer and has performed in ballets such as The Nutcracker, Giselle, Don Quixote, La Bayadere, Paquita, Gayane, Les Sylphydes, and Le Corsaire. Arpi has been a dance instructor and choreographer since 1993 teaching ballet to children and adults in all aspects of dance. She is also a certified Gyrotonic instructor. Arpi joined the faculty of Marat Daukayev School of Ballet in 2010.

Stretch class meets every Saturday from 1:30-2:30

Barre Classes


Cotrone Pilates Dance Studio is proud to host Sandi Shapiro's Total Body Technique barre class which focuses on building strength, tone and flexibility. Her classes are extremely inspirational and are ideal for students of all ages, body types, genders and fitness levels. Sandi's years of experience and knowledge of the human body make this one of the most sought after classes in Los Angeles.