My Favorite Quinoa Recipe


On a break at work I found myself reading through a fashionable food magazine and once again saw what looked like a seemingly simple recipe for quinoa. I reminded myself that all I had to do was BUY quinoa and I would be one step closer to being healthier and could stop all the embarrassing lying about how much I loved preparing it this way and that. Armed with my quickly copied ingredients list and a distant memory of how to whip it all together I found myself at Trader Joe’s a month or so later in front of the quinoa and like a bolt of lightning I was struck by the memory that I wanted to actually BUY quinoa. So I did and this is how the version of my favorite quinoa dish came to be. What you will need, and you can find all of this at TJ’s:

Scallions  1 stalk

Mint  10-12 leaves, chopped

Basil 10- 12 leaves, chopped

Cherry or pearl tomatoes, chopped 8-10

Feta cheese, 3 oz. crumbled (approx. ½ of a 6 oz. container)

Quinoa 1 cup (can be any kind I like the red or tri color)


Place 1 cup of quinoa and 2 cups of water in a pot set to boil. After it boils turn the heat down to low or simmer, and put a lid on it. Check it in about 10 minutes, stir it and if there is still moisture in the bottom give it a few more minutes, then remove from heat.

Cool it!

Place the quinoa in a bowl and let it cool on the counter. If you are in a rush you can put it in the fridge but I’ve found it’s better to let it rest a bit on the counter so try to allow 20 minutes after cooking to let the quinoa cool down BEFORE you mix in your ingredients. Sam said he liked it hot (yes I mixed the ingredients in while hot the first time) but it really is better served as a side salad, lol.

Here’s the final and simplest part: take all of your ingredients and mix them into the quinoa and Voila! It’s done :)

Bon Appétit!