Moses Urbano @ Cotrone Pilates in LA July 16th & 17th!



Cotrone Pilates is honored to present Moses Urbano July 16 and 17!!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to train with one of the greatest teachers teaching today.  Choose either 1 or both workshops by clicking on the link, payment accepted through Paypal.

One private spot is still available. (Saturday 11:00AM)

Workshop #1

It's Just Pilates

Saturday 16th 

Saturday 3:30-6:30

Cost: 120$

Class description:

* 30 minute mat / 60 minute Body Case * 90 minute review all moves with Q & A

This is an excellent opportunity to get inside the mind of master instructor Moses Urbano. Get up close and personal with the how and why of his choices within the classical repertoire of the Pilates method. This class is primarily observation based with lots of time for discussion and questions. The class attendees will have some opportunities to explore the exercises on themselves and with others. A perfect choice for all Pilates instructors and enthusiasts! Duration: 3 hour session with instructor Moses Urbano

Workshop #2

The Cadillac Mat Class

Sunday 17th


Cost: 80$

Class description:

Go deep with Moses into specific ways to improve your work on the mat by taking it to the Cadillac. This class will examine how the body's flexibility and strength can be improved by specific exercises on the Cadillac, and will also give you some creative ideas to take with you to your wall unit classes.