Sam Cotrone


Certified in 2001, Sam Cotrone has worked exclusively with top Hollywood clients, from in front of the camera, to behind. He has also worked with many heads of studios. Sam’s clients come to see him exclusively from as far away as Europe, Asia, Toronto, and New York. Sam is one of the most sought after instructors in Los Angeles, and frequently works with many of the Dancing with the Stars celebrities and dancers. Sam is dedicated to fitness, and the ideal of living a happy, healthy, and strong body lifestyle. Sam has been seen on Entertainment Tonight with Daisy Fuentes, and on Access Hollywood with Kelly Osbourne. He has also been featured on TV Guide’s “Hollywood Bodies” and “Hollywood Hard Bodies.” Sam has been featured in Pilates videos sold around the world, and has been featured in People magazine, as well as Pilates Style magazine. Born in Toronto, Canada, Sam grew up in a traditional Italian home. Sam trained and danced with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company for many years. Sam had the amazing opportunity to tour and perform around the world from Russia to Greece, all around Canada and the USA. Since moving to Los Angeles, Sam has found love and a family. Along with his loving wife Susannah, and his three beautiful children, Sam keeps his lifestyle active and fun. From basketball to hockey, ballroom, or chess, everyday is a part of the dolce vita, Ciao!