Glen Favreaue


After what seemed a lifetime of sitting in an office every day with little interest in exercise, I began to follow a fitness plan and apply an extensive international culinary experience to my diet some 15 years ago. That first effort led me to body building contests in Colorado. Two years ago, I became a certified personal trainer and applied that qualification to help teach others in the gym. During that time, I found that many clients were in need of gaining the skills to be able to take control of their own diet and food preparation, I spent time developing methods and recipes to help active individuals lose weight and enjoy what they eat. This translated into hands-on cooking instruction. Since the start of this year, fitness became my full time endeavor, and I moved to Los Angeles from the east coast. I now train clients at local gyms and in their homes. It is a pleasure that I can assist others to become fit with a wide knowledge of exercise and skills necessary for success. I am a ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified in Fitness Nutrition and TRX Qualified.