Happy Holidays from Cotrone Pilates!


What a year it has been! It seemed everyday brought new challenges, surprises and blessings to our lives. Since we opened our new mat/dance/boxing studio in September we have so much and so many people to be thankful for. From our incomparable studio manager and Pilates Instructor Frank Zito who is a soldier and a saint, to Lola our resident ballet teacher and flexibility queen, then there's Alex our boxing coach that brings a serious punch to your workout, and Glen our resident sports nutritionist who is DEDICATED to getting and keeping you slim. We are so blessed to have the many excellent Pilates instructors that grace our door step with their presence: Brendali, Mila, Justine, Alejandro, Judy, Roderick, Steve, Chris, Jeremy, Lou, and Dana. And our visiting instructors Adi Herman and Siri Dharma Galiano we thank you and love you!!! Who knows what the next year will bring, but we know with you in our lives working your magic I can say for sure that waking up and going to work will be a pleasure and I look forward to seeing everyone of your faces each and everyday. Love all around!!