Fruit for Thought


Here's a quick run down of the calories per cup of some of our favorite summer fruits. Did you know that some fruits have more calories then others? If you're looking to cut down on sugar and extra calories knowing all the facts can help. Thanks for the list Glen! Fruit for Thought

Calories per cup of each fruit, sliced or cubed. If we draw a line (arbitrary) at 65 calories per cup, the * marks what goes over this limit.

Strawberries: 53 calories per cup

Blackberries: 62 calories per cup

Raspberries: 64 calories per cup

*Sweet cherries: 74 calories per cup

*Blueberries: 83 calories per cup

Watermelon: 46 calories per cup

Cantaloupe Melon: 60 calories per cup

Honeydew Melon: 64 calories per cup

*Peach: 66 calories per cup

*Apple: 70 calories per cup

*Orange: 92 calories per cup

*Pear: 95 calories

*Banana: 134 calories per cup

(the popular banana is the most calorie dense of the fruits listed, yet a medium (120 grams) white or sweet potato gives you 50% more potassium than a medium banana, but about 25% more calories in the white potato. The sweet potato has 25% FEWER calories than the banana)

Now let’s compare with one cup of juice. It is evident that the sugars are more concentrated in juice, and the calories are therefore higher. However, a cup of juice, while easy to consume, is not as filling as a cup of fruit.

Orange juice: 112 calories per cup

Apple juice: 117 calories per cup

Pear juice: 140 calories per cup

Note that none of these fruits are juices contribute significant amounts of protein.

Recommendation-- fill up on berries (strawberries, raspberries and blackberries) when in season. A cup makes a perfect snack. Switch to melons when their price comes down and quality is best (summer). Watermelon is the lowest in calories but tends not to be as filling as Honeydew or Cantaloupe.   


Glenn Favreaue