out with the old and in with the NEW!


2014 has everything going for it- it's new, it's untested, it's unknown and it contains HOPE. Hope that this coming year will be better then the last, in some way that comes along swiftly and easily, without heavy price or tremendous sacrifice.  2013  had some amazing moments and some real turkeys, but all in all what does one year really mean in the scheme of things? One of the best things I find about starting a new calendar year is the renewal of goals, or resolutions. I find that there are a lot of resolutions that are too big for one year, but the seeds of those big dreams are planted with thoughts of what could be, and are rekindled with each passing year as we revisit our big dreams and goals that haunt us every year they go unrealized. So what's it going to be for you this year? New job? new career? new outlook? If fitness or nutrition is your main focus, I wish you luck and eagerly offer you all the support I can, but the doing? that's your part. And once you've made your way to the finish line you've envisioned (which you will, be patient, be positive!) you can get busy with all the rest of your resolutions, like giving up resolutions and simply living mindfully, making everyday a new opportunity to set a higher goal:)


Happy New Year to YOU from Susannah and Sam!!!!