Part II: The Final Touches


Painters are definitely underpaid, or at the very least under appreciated. This was the first thought to surface after having a few minutes to process all that we have gone through to open our studio. The second thought was thank God we practice Pilates and were able to employ the principles to support and protect our bodies during our brief but intense careers as painters, workmen, carpenters, movers, ceiling tile installers, cleaners... I think I’ve painted the picture. And although we did a lot of the heavy lifting ourselves, we could never have put together such a beautiful space without the help of our dear friends, family, and clients. Your gifts of support and words of wisdom have filled and created our perfect space. We are officially open for business on September 1st but actually have most of our clients and equipment in the space already. Some photos of Joseph Pilates doing his original reformer work are being framed and need to be put up, and we are looking forward to having our ballet barre installed. What fun it will be to get to incorporate a little of our ballet background with our clients and to offer some of the benefits of the barre class craze going on right now. We have literally pored our hearts and souls into this space and are so excited to share it with you. Our goal of creating a workable space that is functioning, welcoming, and comfortable is coming to life before our eyes, and it's truly been a magical experience.  If you haven't had a chance to come by please give us a call or just pop in and say hi. At Cotrone Pilates you are welcome anytime.