Episode 1: A Pilates Odyssey

We are excited to announce that we are beginning our new adventure of opening our own studio with complete joy in our hearts and enthusiasm for the events to follow. We wanted to share some of the details with you about what’s happening next and some of  the where, when, why, and how. The Where

We found the perfect home! You can find us at:

848 La Cienega, suite 205 in West Hollywood.

Practically a stones throw from where Sam and I first met and started teaching; if you were there you'll remember. The studio is 785 square feet and will feature all Gratz equipment; 4 polished aluminum reformers, 2 polished aluminum Cadillacs, and all the rest. We can't wait to share our new beautiful space with you!

The When

We are loading the family up and driving to Big Bear to pick up our equipment from Siri Dharma's Big Bear Pilates Conference.  After a hopefully event less drive back down the mountain on Monday, we will unpack and set up and be (fingers crossed) ready to have a soft opening on Tuesday the 13th of August. We of course want to have a huge party to celebrate the occasion but think that would be best planned for later in September after we get all our ducks in a row and catch our breath.

The Why

Why you ask? Well there are many reasons, but primarily this has always been something we have always wanted to do. We are the ultimate mom and pop Pilates duo. Our teaching styles' as Jay Grimes has said, remind him of  the temperaments of Joe and Clara. Guess who's who? ;) We are a team in life and want to be a team in our own classical Pilates studio.

The How

Change is never easy and I must confess there have been some sleepless nights and a few gray hairs already. We have found inspiration and support through our peers, clients, friends, family, and even the random Facebook post that reminds us, that we can do it. So if it serves as any inspiration to you to follow your dream, your heart, or your spirit- pass it on! Thank you for being a friend and showing your support for our new endeavor. We hope to see you soon and that you will find a home with us.

At Cotrone Pilates we believe in you,

Susannah & Sam Cotrone

Look for Episode 2: Dealing with Decor

coming soon!