Wine-ding Down


Has a glass of wine, or a favorite cocktail become your go to plan for relaxing and decompressing after a busy day? It's not hard to relate. The need to escape from the stress of the day and  feel carefree again, if even for a short period of time, is tempting. Who cares about the calories and getting up in the morning? We need to unwind and relax!  OK, sometimes alcohol is the perfect fix for a taxing day,  but what if alcohol becomes your only tool to help you control your anxiety and tension? Finding alternatives that sooth and heal through rituals that are calming can provide healthier alternatives to help you de-stress. A New De-stressing Strategy:

The first and most immediate stress relieving activity I think of is running a hot bath. It works for tense and tired babies, and it works for us too. After your bath try some slow and deep stretching. After a hot bath your muscles are relaxed and more pliable, making this a great time to get a deep and relaxing stretch. Take your time to sink into every stretch and practice deep slow and controlled breathing, in with the good air and out with the bad. If you are comfortable with writing, and it doesn't make you more tense, try journaling your feelings about what's on your mind and what you were stressing out about today. This will help empty your mind and make room for more positive thoughts and emotions. I find a cup of hot herbal tea pairs well with this activity. Another excellent de-stressing activity is walking. Taking a walk out doors is my favorite way to wind down from a busy day, but leaving the house sometimes is not an option. If you can leave and get out of your house for some fresh air, put it at the beginning of these calming activities. Pick and chose what works for you, and after this stress relieving routine you can enjoy waking up refreshed and relaxed, you deserve it.