Don't put off your health another day

Improving your health and fitness levels has nothing to do with wearing a bikini on the beach, it has to do with pausing to consider whether or not what you're eating, and how much, is on track with reasonable healthy goals. Exercising, depending on your fitness level, can mean anything from getting off the couch for a walk, to getting your fitness commitment up to 6-8 hours a week. As a parent I have the opportunity to interact with other parents and see where their priorities lie when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Mostly I am disappointed. Parents have good intentions but little to no support and limited information. Getting your kids active is a simple first step to correcting their naturally fast metabolisms, and offering them more fruits and veggies, but what about modeling a good example? Moms and dads need to get active and start taking their food choices seriously too. I know there is no time in our busy schedules but how can something as serious as staying healthy not be prioritized? If you want to get healthy and become more active you have to decide to do it, and stick with it. The benefits? Feeling and looking better, and showing your kids how grown-ups conducts themselves when it comes to their health. Have you been putting getting healthier on your To Do list but it keeps getting pushed to the bottom? Put it at the top of your list today, and take a step towards doing something about it. Throw out the chips and take a walk, and drink water instead of soda and juice just for today. Try to do one thing each day and before you know it these simple changes will add up to a month of results, and then a year of healthy changes for you and your family. Your future, more healthy self will thank you.