Planning Your Fitness Future

Summer has hit its stride, and yet it seems as if every spare thought in my head is geared towards preparing for the Fall. As if somehow there won't be a spare moment come September- wait, will there be? Not for us. September is our busiest time of year, and for good reason. School starts back up and most of our clients return to their regular schedules. Does this sound like you? It seems there is no better time then Fall to get focused on committing to a new project, a set workout routine, or weight-loss goal. Why? One reason may be because of the back-to-school preparedness drilled into each and every one of us. As Fall approaches, we are mentally gathering our feet underneath us and physically preparing for whatever new challenge comes our way; old habits die hard, even the good ones.  There's also something exciting about Fall, the newness of it, the magic of new starts, and imagined possibilities. Here in Southern California, there isn't a real switch in the weather pattern to set off this feeling, more like a shift in the traffic pattern, but whatever it is grab hold and use it to your advantage! Start planning now for how you are going to enact those positive changes you want to make in your life, there's no better time.