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Hello everyone! I wanted to personally welcome you to our new site and let you know that like most things in life mastering this site has been a work in progress for sure, but behind most challenges is a worthy pay off so I am sticking with it. If you have any feed back at all about accessibility or site content that you would like to see please don't hesitate to reach out and let me know. Looking forward to posting more here soon. xx S

Cotrone Pilates Spring Fling!

Cotrone Pilates Spring Fling!

Come and get hands on training with some of the top classical Pilates instructors teaching today! Cotrone Pilates is proudly hosting a 2 day workshop May 6&7 featuring Moses Urbano and Dana Santi

We are offering an early bird discount of 5% off until April 22. Simply enter: CPFLING   at the point of check out. Not able to make both days? No problem. Pick the day that works best for you. Interested in a private lesson? They are filling up quickly so call soon to save your spot. 213-445-8114

More about our presenters...

Moses Urbano is a world-renowned Pilates Instructor and Trainer for “Romana’s Pilates,”  who works with private clients, professional athletes, student apprentices, and other Pilates teachers. Moses was a dedicated student of leading Pilates disciple Romana, and had the great privilege of assisting her on teaching tours throughout the United States and internationally.  He consulted for Stamina Products at “Super Shows” and on QVC, taught for GAIAM Pilates, has been featured in San Diego Magazine, Majestic Living, PilatesStyle, IDEA Fitness Journal, and various international publications and appears as a featured performer in “Romana on Pilates-The Legacy Edition.” Moses is well known for his dynamic and hands-on Pilates teaching style, his instruction is not to be missed! 

Dana Santi was certified through the New York Pilates Guild in 1998. She studied underthe tutelage of Juanita Lopez and obtained full certification from Romana Kryzanowska. The Dana Santi Pilates studio is located just outside of Chicago, where she runs a rigorous and exacting certification program. She is a featured instructor on Pilates Anytime, and when she teaches Pilates she believes in making every effort to keep Pilates pure, authentic and true to its original form. 

Susannah Cotrone is co-owner of Cotrone Pilates and in 2001 became a certified Romana’s Pilates second generation instructor. She was the featured talent and co-choreographer of the original Winsor Pilates video series. Susannah also created, starred and produced two DVDs for Pilatesstick, and was featured in Pilatesstyle magazine and on “TV Guide’s” Hollywood Bodies and Hollywood’s Hard Bodies. Susannah has also worked with fitness giant GAIAM on Mari Winsor’s Slimming Pilates. Susannah's fitness articles have been posted on The HuffingtonPost.com, PilatesStyle.com, and Pilates Style magazine.  

Frank Zito is the visionary behind The Men of Pilates and runs a comprehensive Pilates certification program at Cotrone Pilates. Frank is a well-known teacher trainer in Los Angeles, and he continues to study with, and teach alongside, some of the biggest names in classical Pilates. You will see Frank every day at Cotrone Pilates, teaching, laughing and making people sweat and stretch!

Sam Cotrone was certified by Romana’s Pilates in 2001 and is a second generationinstructor. Sam Cotrone has worked exclusively with top Hollywood clients, from in front of the camera, to behind. He has also worked with many heads of studios. Sam’s clients come to see him exclusively from as far away as Europe, Asia, Toronto, and New York. Sam is one of the most sought after instructors in Los Angeles, and frequently works with many of the Dancing with the Stars celebrities and dancers. Sam has been seen on Entertainment Tonight with Daisy Fuentes, and on Access Hollywood with Kelly Osbourne. He has also been featured on TV Guide’s “Hollywood Bodies” and “Hollywood Hard Bodies.” Sam has been featured in Pilates videos sold around the world, and has been featured in People magazine, as well as Pilates Style magazine


Cotrone Pilates is excited to welcome IC Rapport to our Spring Fling! As our wine and cheese party gets started Saturday, iconic photos of Joseph Pilates will be available for sale. Along with some very fun fitness apparel inspired by the man himself. 

Throughout the Sixties, Rapoport was called upon to photograph Francois Truffaut, Samuel Beckett, Charles Aznavour, JFK, Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Penn Warren, Fidel Castro, The Lovin’ Spoonful and scores of other notables.

In 1961, I.C. Rapoport was fortunate to photograph Mr. Joseph H. Pilates in his New York “gymnasium”. The Pilates Fitness world is fortunate to have this rare glimpse into Mr. Pilates’ workplace styles and equipment.